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garden policies

Rules and Garden Etiquette

  1. All setup and cleanup times are to be included in the times you reserve the Gardens. Please do not have items delivered before your scheduled rental time, i.e. food, table decorations, etc.
  2. All Garden areas rented must be cleaned up and personal property removed by the end of the rental time. In addition, all equipment brought in or rented items must be removed by the end of the rental time. (This does not apply to equipment such as tents, chairs, and tables that have been rented from a vendor provided all items are removed no later than the first business day following the event
  3. Smoking and the use of tobacco, nicotine products, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers is not allowed within the Gardens. The damage deposit will be forfeited if the Lessee and/or their guests do not abide by the no-smoking regulations.
  4. Groups hiring caterers or providing their own food will be responsible for cleaning all areas utilized, removal of tablecloths and personal property, and assuring that the premises are in the same condition as when the group took responsibility for the premises.       This includes but is not limited to the following:
  5. All Central Gardens’ tables and chairs must be wiped off and clean. Chairs must be placed neatly around tables.
  6. Trash will be placed in heavy duty garbage bags supplied by Central Gardens and deposited in the dumpster near the southeast gate behind the Mother Earth’s Workshop (MEWS) building.
  7. Counters must be wiped off and floors vacuumed or swept.
  8. It is assumed that all utilities function properly at all times. If there is damage after the event, the repairs are the responsibility of the Lessee.
  9. No alterations to any garden structures are allowed. The use of nails, screws, tape, wire, tacks or the like to fasten decorations or other materials to structures, trees, fencing, retaining walls, sculptures, ponds or other features is strictly prohibited. No structures may be placed in the Gardens including signs, banners or any other objects without prior approval. Glitter, rice, birdseed, confetti and the like cannot be used as table-top decorations and/or for throwing. Balloons may only be used as table decorations and are not to be released.
  10. Lighting of Unity candles is permitted outdoors during a wedding ceremony. Fireworks of any kind, including sparklers or snake fireworks, are prohibited. No other use of lighted candles inside   the Nature Education Pavilion is allowed.       Battery-operated candles are permitted. Failure to follow these regulations will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit.
  11. Children and other members of the rental party and/or their guests must stay on the brick paths, stay out of the planted garden areas and out of the water features. Grassy areas may be used by all visitors in the Gardens.
  12. When renting the Pavilion building, a representative of Central Gardens will lock and unlock the     building and provide contact information where s/he can be reached in case of an emergency.  
  13. All events held in the Gardens are restricted to Lawns, Moon Gate, NEP and Terrace areas. Walkways cannot be blocked. The south entrance plaza cannot be rented at any time or used by wedding parties, except for photographs. The plaza is always open for visitors.
  14. No vehicle traffic is allowed on pathways, bridges, courtyard areas or any areas within the Garden except by special permission.
  15. All evening events must conclude by sunset.
  16. The storage of any personal equipment or other accessory items is not permitted. Central Gardens is not responsible for any equipment or other items left at Central Gardens at any time.
  17. Street parking for approximately 72 cars is available surrounding the site with additional parking   available on adjacent streets.
  18. Central Gardens cannot guarantee the condition of outdoor planting areas. Many circumstances are beyond our control, including weather conditions, diseases or other incidents that may occur. Central Gardens makes every effort to maintain a high-quality garden experience.
  19. Central Gardens is often times undergoing maintenance and construction. Construction equipment may be visible to your guests. Please avoid areas under construction.
  20. Central Gardens is open to the public at all times. Complete privacy within the Gardens for private events cannot be guaranteed.
  21. Rental party guests are welcome to walk and enjoy the outdoor gardens during your event.
  22. Photos may be taken in the garden during your rental times. Central Gardens photography policy can be found on the website and is available upon request.
  23. For sanitation purposes, pets are not allowed in the Gardens. Service animals, with proper verification, are allowed.
  24. No bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, or other wheeled toys or motorized equipment are allowed in the Gardens unless special permission has been given. Motorized wheelchairs are permissible.
  25. Central Gardens reserves the right to cancel an event due to inclement weather and will work with the Lessee to reschedule if desired. No refunds of rental deposits or payments will be made to the Lessee for cancellation of the event due to inclement weather conditions occurring on the day of the event.

Professional Photography Policies

We love to share our beautiful grounds with photographers – professionals and amateurs alike!  While there is no set fee for professional photographers, we ask that anyone who charges a fee for his or her services, to make a donation to Central Gardens per each event or become a corporate member which allows seasonal access.

As a corporate member, you will receive and be recognized in each newsletter, on social media, and in our annual report. Being a member of Central Gardens supports our ability to maintain the grounds for all to enjoy with no admission fee. Click HERE for the membership form.


We ask that all photographers, assistants, and subjects please adhere to the following garden etiquette:

  1. Do not stand, sit, or place equipment on or in water features.
  2. Moving or removing plants (inside or out) or structures that are part of the Gardens, such as benches, containers, displays, plant signs, fences, etc., is strictly prohibited.
  3. No photographer, assistant or subject may step on flower beds, fountains, walls, benches or places other than on designated paths and open grassy areas.
  4. Climbing or mounting equipment in trees or on buildings is not permitted.
  5. Photographers will be held accountable for their actions and those of clients, crew members and subjects if they damage Central Gardens facilities or property.
  6. Permission must be obtained from Central Gardens to bring in pets to be photographed.
  7. Do not use candles to enhance scenes.
  8. Do not use confetti or other photo-enhancing, non-biodegradable accents to enhance scenes.
  9. Photographers, subjects and assistants must not interfere with the visiting experience of other guests, many of whom come to enjoy the tranquility among the beautiful plants.
  10. Harassment of any visitor or infringement on their personal space is prohibited.